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Unlocking Employee Well-Being and Compliance:

Why Offer Apex-MEC Plans

Offering Apex-MEC plans is a way to retain and satisfy your employees by providing essential healthcare coverage and fostering a healthier, happier workplace.

Boost Employee

Retention and Satisfaction

Simplify your PPACA Penalty A compliance journey with Apex-MEC plans, ensuring you adhere to regulatory requirements effortlessly, avoid penalties, and stay focused on your core business objectives.

Streamline PPACA

Compliance Efforts

Apex-MEC plans offer a budget-friendly solution for providing essential coverage to your workforce, helping you control costs while prioritizing employee well-being.


Benefit Solutions

Tailor your benefits package with Apex-MEC's flexible plan options, designed to meet your organization's unique needs and ensure both you and your employees receive the maximum value from your healthcare investment.

Customization for

Your Unique Needs

Start Now

Apex-MEC plans can be offered to

full-time or part-time, W-2, seasonal, or temp employees.

Apex-MEC plans are a great way to

protect your EMOD score.

Apex-MEC plans are a

COBRA eligible benefit.

Employer Benefits
Start Now

Great everyday benefits like Free & Unlimited Teladoc Telemedicine and CleverHealth Behavioral Health

100% Covered Preventive Wellness

Primary Care & Pharmacy Benefits

Multilingual support, onboarding, and materials in English & Spanish

Employee Benefits
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