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Apex-MEC provides the most competitive products at the most competitive prices.

Apex-MEC was formed to meet the complex needs of today’s healthcare industry.


By partnering with consistent industry leaders, Apex-MEC provides a complete benefits solution for those seeking to neutralize the volatile healthcare marketplace.


Apex-MEC offers industry-leading products because of established partnerships within the insurance industry, strategically meeting client needs in a changing benefits landscape.

Apex-MEC Partners

Apex-MEC Partner Network

Apex-MEC Partners

MVP Plan Partner

HBA Logo

Apex-MEC is proud to partner with

The Health Benefit Alliance to provide MVP health plans alongside Apex-MEC plans.  

HBA offers MVP Plans that are PPACA Compliant and satisfy Penalty A and Penalty B.

Click below to download a legal opinion regarding Apex-MEC Plans that was requested and prepared for Apex-MEC.

PPACA Compliance

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