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Minimum Essential Coverage, Maximum Benefits

At Apex-MEC, we provide employers with comprehensive Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans that not only ensure PPACA compliance but also enhance employee benefits.


Employee Benefits

Plans designed for full-time or part-time, W-2, temp, or seasonal employees

PPACA Penalty A


Apex-MEC plans satisfy the CA, DC, NJ, RI, & VT Individual Mandates


Healthcare Plans

MEC plans provide value to employers and employees

MEC Plans + GLI Coverage

Dental, Vision, Disability, and Ancillary Benefits Available

Apex-MEC Logo

Apex-MEC plans are PPACA compliant, ideal for seasonal, full-time or part-time employees nationwide.

Apex-MEC Provides:

Physician Visits & Diagnostic Testing

Prescription Drug Benefits

24/7 Telemedicine - Multilingual

Behavioral Health - Multilingual

4-Year Rate Cap - MEC

Not to exceed 3% increase per year.

Globe Life GLI Logo

Group Limited Indemnity (GLI) pays a fixed benefit amount for a set number of days per year.

GLI Benefits Include:



Emergency Room Visits

Outpatient Services




Apex-Mec Plans offer Preventive Wellness, Prescription Drug Benefits, Telemedicine, and Behavioral Health.

Plans include: MEC Basic, MEC Plus, or MEC Plus Advantage 


Globe Life GLI

Add Group Limited Indemnity (GLI) coverage by Globe Life to Apex-MEC plans for enhanced coverage.

GLI can be added to: MEC, MEC Plus, or MEC Plus Advantage

Group Limited Indemnity Insurance is underwritten by Globe Life.

Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company, 3700 S Stonebridge Dr, McKinney, TX 75070

Globe Life

Ancillary Plans

For customized coverage, select from Globe Life ancillary benefits including Short Term Disability, Outpatient Therapy, and Critical Illness coverage.


MVP Plans

MVP Plans satisfy both PPACA Penalty A and Penalty B.

Plans include: MVP Bronze Plus TM, MVP Silver TM, and MVP Gold TM.


& Vision

Dental & Vision can be added to any Apex-MEC plan to provide employees with complete coverage.




  • What is a MEC plan?
    Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) refers to a basic level of health insurance coverage that meets the requirements set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It ensures that individuals have essential healthcare benefits, including preventive services and screenings.
  • Why do I need a MEC plan?
    MEC plans are essential for employers to comply with the PPACA's Penalty A employer mandate. They offer basic healthcare coverage to employees, helping both employers and employees avoid potential penalties and ensuring access to preventive care.
  • What benefits are included in MEC plans?
    MEC plans typically cover a range of preventive services like vaccinations, screenings, and certain wellness visits. While they don't provide comprehensive medical coverage, they fulfill the PPACA's requirements for minimum essential coverage.
  • How do MEC plans help with PPACA compliance?
    By offering MEC plans to your employees, you fulfill your obligations under the PPACA's Penalty A employer mandate. This helps your organization avoid potential penalties and demonstrates compliance with federal healthcare regulations.
  • Can MEC plans be offered alongside Major Medical or MVP plans?
    Yes, MEC plans can be offered alongside major medical plans or MVP plans. They serve as a cost-effective way to provide basic coverage to employees while major medical plans offer more comprehensive healthcare benefits. This combination allows employees to tailor their coverage to their needs.
  • What is Apex-MEC?
    Apex-MEC is a MEC provider offering various plans that satisfy PPACA compliance. Apex-MEC also offers plans with GLI and ancillary coverage.
  • Does Apex-MEC offer major medical plans?
    Yes. Through our partners, HBA. Contact Apex-MEC for more information.
  • How do I obtain a quote?
    3 documents are needed to begin the quoting process - 1) Employee Census, 2) Current Plan Designs, and 3) Monthly Rates.
  • What plans does Apex-MEC compete with?
    Apex-MEC often replaces plans from other MEC providers such as American Worker, Anthem FlexHour, Pan American, Reliance Standard, HBMA, Axis/Ternin, The Boon Group, Breakpoint, Essential StaffCARE, and Options Plus.
  • What types of employees are MEC plans for?
    Apex-MEC plans are PPACA compliant and ideal for seasonal, hourly, full-time, and part-time employees nationwide.
  • Do MEC plans satisfy the CA, NJ, and DC Individual Mandates?
    Yes, Apex-MEC plans satisfy all individual mandates.

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